Distribution of shareholders’ instruments

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We would like to inform you that our Bank will distribute dividends for the fiscal year 2015 as of Thursday 22/12/2016 according to the following regulations:

The distribution of the Sukuk shall commence at 10 am – 1 am and 1 pm in the Shareholders’ Division.
Natural person shareholder: The instrument shall be handed over to its legal owner exclusively or by the authorized person under a genuine and modern agency that does not exceed its annual history.
The corporate shareholder (the companies and other institutions): The instrument shall be delivered under a letter of authorization in the name of the recipient person signed by the authorized director exclusively ”
The dividends of the foreign shareholders to those authorized by the companies after our official notification are delivered by e-mail to the shareholder department (shareholder@gcb.iq) with their supporting documents and signature forms.
All shareholders must bring the investor’s account statement from the Iraqi Depository Center to prove their ownership of the shares and the date of the last general assembly meeting (27/8/2016).

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