Banking Systems


BANKS system

Is a bilingual system that uses Oracle applications and contains a very high security level of data and is applied to all branches centrally and sophisticated communication technology enables users in the branches to access the databases directly online where the bank has a fiber connection system to provide the best service to customers without any delay in transactions and The system provides all banking operations and provides thousands of reports and statements in a convenient manner and with all the required details. The system contains subsystems
Deposit system of all kinds

System of transfers of all kinds

Loan system.

The credit system is qualitative and monetary.

Fixed asset system.

HR system and many systems covering all banking operations fully.

Swift system

Swift is the a system that used in most banks in the world, to carry out the remittances speed in completing the processes
(It’s fully associated with the banking system (banks

Smart reports system

It is a system that enables employees to provide all kinds of financial reports . The data entered the system (banks) are upon the administration request to take the accurate and appropriate decisions

Magnetic cheques

Magnetic cheques are printed by machine of magnetic printing where its linked to the banking system and gives special cods for each customer to prevent forgery and manipulation, and there are special devices to check the cheques.

Electronic clearing systems

It’s a system linked to the central bank of Iraq through a private connection system enable the customers to exchange cheques issued from other banks during (3) days period and is applied in all private and governmental banks.