About Gulf Bank

History of the bank

Gulf Commercial Bank is a Private Joint Shareholding Company incorporated under the in Corporation Certificate no. CR / 7002 dated 10/20/1999 issued from Companies Registrar according to Companies Law No. (21) for 1997 (amended ) with a capital of (600) million Iraq dinar Fully paid, the Gulf Commercial Bank Started Banking business through the main branch on 1/4/2000 after receiving banking licence issued from Central Bank of Iraq with the Number B.C 9/3/115 dated 02.07.2000 according to its law No. (64) for 1976 ( canceled ) to Bract ice its banking business, the in Corporation contract had been amended by increasing the bank capital several times to finally reach (300,000) billion Iraqi dinar after the legal procedures completed on 07.11.2014 by companies registrar according to their letter no. 26790 dated 07.11.2014 the accounting records had been recorded on 12/12/2014, after reusing the deposit y the Central Bank of Iraq.

Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Deploying the citizens’ national funds and investing them in various investment and commercial banking business areas in accordance with the prevailing laws and instructions with a view to achieve the bank’s objectives in promoting the country’s economic development and construction progress through the following:

  • Active Participation in the development and reconstruction works by expanding the bank’s branches network to cover Iraq’s entire governorates.
  • Achieving maximum profits for shareholders.
  • Developing, qualifying and enhancing the employees’ banking skills
  • Contributing to the support of the monetary policy applications of the Central Bank of Iraq.

Our Vision

To become the leading bank in the Iraqi banking sector through providing outstanding sophisticated modern and comprehensive banking services delivered by simple means, in a timely manner and at the highest levels of transparency, credibility and efficiency to wide segments of society in order to contribute to a sustainable economic development.


  • To deploy national funds in the form of deposits and employ them in various local and international investment and commercial banking areas in conformance with the prevailing laws, with a view to promote the country’s economic development within the framework of the national general policy , thereby achieving the bank’s own objectives of development and growth.
  • To maximize profits for our shareholders.
  • To develop, enhance and improve the employees’ banking skills
  • To contribute in supporting the process of economic development, expertise, and in supporting the national economy
  • To maintain the bank’s leading position among other private banks operating in Iraq in terms of providing the best customer service.
  • To offer comprehensive and integrated banking services to our customers through such delivery channels as modern technology in all areas of banking business, including a state-of-the-art banking system, efficiency mobile phone banking operations (MobiCash), MasterCard, magnetized cheques printing machines , a queuing system, granting customers and employees loans to finance small and medium-sized projects and for house building and restoration and purchasing cars as well as personals loans.


  • To attain a leading position among the banks operating in Iraq by providing customers with state-of-the-art integrated electronic services.
  • To maintain transparency, credibility and integrity in all our dealings with customers and government entities.
  • To respect the secrecy of banking information, data, balances and transactions as well as the cash flow of the customers.
  • To comply with the principles of governance in managing our banking operations, observe our social responsibility in imbibing and promoting cultural, humanitarian and moral values in all our interaction with customers.
  • To apply the concepts, norms and principles of total quality management in in the banking business.

Banking Training Center

In order to develop the skills of human resources that work in private banks and rehabilitate them in all aspects of banking field, the Banking Training Center had opened in Gulf Commercial Bank on 12/01/2010 by the chairman, members of the board and the executive management the center could be a solid cultural training institution through its various activities